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May Lacqueen: Rihanna


Our celebrity Lacqueen for the month of May is Rihanna! Forget about whether she’s with Chris Brown for a second, her consistency with cutting-edge style and matching nails deserves an applaud. Her nail game is frankly insane. Rihanna is launching a collection with MAC Cosmetics this summer and we can’t wait to see the lacquer shades she has created. We love Riri for her fearless attitude, amazing style and killer manicures! Let’s take a closer look…

Early in her career, Rihanna wore a lot of interesting nail art. She has rocked a fun smiley face manicure, Obama nails and money-inspired nail art.




Lately, RiRi has been wearing less nail art in favor of long talon nails and bold lacquer shades. She wore a gorgeous red orange polish custom-made by her manicurist Kimmie Kyees that matched her vintage Alaïa gown at the 2013 Grammy Awards.


Kyees even painted a sweet Tiffany blue color on her nails while on a moving tour bus!


Right now RiRi is a fan of bright colors, like this great bubblegum pink lacquer.


Here are more of our favorite Rihanna nail looks!






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Images via E! Online, Fashion Magazine, Guardian UK, Huffington Post, Instagram, & Necole Bitchie

Welcome to Lacquerous! “Netflix For Nails” has arrived!

The day has come: Lacquerous has finally gone live! Now you have access to a fabulous inventory of luxury lacquers that are available to try without having to buy.

Thanks to Refinery 29 for breaking the story yesterday. Check out what they had to say, along with others. 

"We love this idea — access to designer-ready digits without having to shell out $30 for a single polish? Genius. We’ve rarely, if ever, used an entire bottle of polish in our lives — usually we get halfway down and they start getting all tacky and hard to use, so we just chuck them. This gives you the opportunity to try the latest shades, without the commitment or the hefty price tag. And, for those of you germaphobes worried about shared polish being unsanitary, remember that the polishes you use at the nail salon are just that: communal, meaning lots of other people have used them. Not to mention the fact that nail polish manufacturers have to make sure that their lacquers are safe despite how many people are using them, meaning that polish is not a cesspool of icky bacteria, thank you very much.” ~Refinery 29

In this anti-ownership era, anyone one can have anything for a limited time only. We bike share, Zipcar, and Netflix our way through the day without having to sign anything permanent. Websites like Rent the Runway and Bag Borrow or Steal allow a tenuous hold on whatever the heart desires (within company-defined limits). Lacquerous, a brand-new nail polish sharing company, combines the rental aspect of Rent the Runway with the subscription model of Birchbox, to allow any girl to dip her nails into a variety of luxury polishes for a flat rate of $18 a month. ~ TIME Style

The most common question we receive is naturally about hygiene. Yep, we’ve heard it all! The fact is that, as microbiologists confirm, no fungus, bacteria, microbe or anything living can survive in a bottle of nail polish. At Lacquerous, bottles are sealed for at least 1 day in transit and we inspect all bottles received. The truth is, whether we want to admit it or not, we all take a risk when sharing makeup at a department store or eating from a salad bar or touching a handrail.. If you are germaphobe, then sadly this probably isn’t for you. 

Some of the other common questions we’ve been getting are: What if I use to much? Will I get a new bottle everytime?  The answer is, much like a club, it’s about sharing the product. We provide an experience to our members to try luxury lacquer. We’ll never send you anything that isn’t Instagram worthy ;) All we ask is that you stick to the guidelines as close as possible and we’ll make sure you will enjoy being a part of Lacquerous. We’re less like Big Brother and a lot more like a big sister! All these questions are answered on the website too.

Now, for the fun part! What colors do you want to try? You can email Lacquerous while you are waiting! Here are some of the designer brands already available:

Butter London


Deborah Lippmann


Dolce & Gabbana




Tom Ford

If you have any more questions about Lacquerous, check out our FAQs or send us an email at Once you have tried out your favorite shades, be sure to share them with us on Twitter and Instagram!


How to use: Lacquerous is a nail polish subscription service that allows members to share high-end lacquers. Using this service is so easy! All you have to do it set up an account and start building your Lust List. Once you have selected your favorite colors, you choose from the available inventory and drag it into your Box. Hit ‘Send Me This Box’ and your done! You’ll have 30 days to try them out. You are able to use each lacquer up to 3 applications. After you are done with those 3 shades, you just send them back using the prepaid label that came in your package and we will ship you the next 3 lacquers 30 days from the original shipping date.

Images via Cool Spotters, Deborah Lippmann, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, Popbee, Stuff Point, This is Luster and What We Like NYC

Ooh La La! Holiday 2012 Collections

Now that we’ve had fun with Halloween-inspired nail art, it’s time to think about the holidays! This is such a special time of year and we can’t think of a better way to kick off the holiday season than by looking at some of the upcoming Holiday 2012 lacquer collections.

Butter London’s holiday collection is all about the sparkle! Taking inspiration from metallic embellishments and jeweled accents seen at New York Fashion Week, these lacquers are sure to perfectly complement any chic holiday outfit.

As a part of their Eclats du Soir de Chanel collection, Chanel is launching one new lacquer this season. The limited edition Malice is a deep, rich blood red with hints of bronze and black. 

Deborah Lippmann has several exclusive collections that are only available at certain stores. All of these lacquers are beautiful and give you plenty of options for your holiday manicures. Nordstrom will carry the Christmas in the City Trio as well as the Rock this Town Trio.

At Bloomingdales you can find the Sugar Plum Fantasy Trio.

Barney’s will have the She’s Always a Woman Trio and the Millionaire’s Holiday Trio.

The holiday lacquers we are most excited about are the limited edition Diorific Vernis  which are part of Dior’s Le Grand Bal makeup collection. These luxurious lacquers, inspired by Old Hollywood glamour, are unique because of the round vintage-style bottles.

Dolce and Gabbana is going wild this season with their Animalier Signature Holiday 2012 Makeup Collection. Their new lacquers are Honey, Caramel and Chocolate: three warm neutral colors that beautifully fit with the animal print theme.

MAC Glamour Daze is a sweet, feminine collection that features pastel hues and pearlescent undertones. These fun, flirty lacquers are great options for breaking away from some of other darker collections.


Do you dream of trying high-end & limited edition nail colors from top luxury brands delivered to your doorstep for just one monthly price?

Then make sure you sign up on the Lacquerous site—be the first to get an invite!


Images via Beautezine, Chic Profile, Fleur de Force, Nail Files, Our Vanity & Temptalia